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At the board meeting on August 6th, it was decided to increase the size of the rides to 8 + 2 and 4 + 1, where there are 8 riders and 2 leaders, or 4 riders and 1 leader. The ride leaders have the discretion to have smaller groups.

Want to Learn How to Ride?

Join One of Our Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Each spring, NYCC offers SIGs at C, B, and A levels. Each SIG consists of a series of progressive training rides that increase in speed and distance and teach cyclists to ride well in groups. Completing a SIG offers cyclists an ideal way to jumpstart their season.   More >>

SIG stands for “Special Interest Group.” 

The story of the SIGs.

Self-Test Table

Unsure which ride to try? Assess your cruising speed by timing yourself on a four-lap ride of the complete oval in Central Park (24.4 miles).

Ride at a comfortable, sustainable pace. Fewer than four laps will give a false assessment. Find your time on the chart below and note the cruising speed.

4-Lap Time = MPH

1:10 or less = 22

1:10 - 1:13 = 21

1:13 - 1:16 = 20

1:16 - 1:20 = 19

1:20 - 1:25 = 18

1:25 - 1:30 = 17

1:30 - 1:38 = 16

1:38 - 1:48 = 15

1:48 - 2:00 = 14

2:00 - 2:14 = 13

2:14 - 2:30 = 12

2:30 - 2:50 = 11

Pick an NYCC ride that lists a speed that matches your cruising speed. It's that easy!


Learn how to find the right NYCC ride for you by performing a simple pace test

Your First Club Ride?

Be conservative. Choose a ride easier and shorter than you think you can ultimately handle. You will not enjoy struggling to keep up with a ride that is too fast for you, nor will the group enjoy waiting for you. It is a good idea to contact ahead of time the group leader on your first ride and to introduce yourself when signing in at the start. 

Unsure which ride to try? Use the "Self-Test Table" on the right to assess your cruising speed by timing yourself on a four-lap ride of the complete oval in Central Park (24.4 miles).

Still in doubt? Try a C or B-15 ride to start.

Ride Classifications

Rides are classified according to level and cruising speed:

A = Fast, with paceline skills required

B = Moderate

C = Gentle (a good introduction to the Club)

A number following a letter indicates the target cruising speed on flat roads, e.g., B15 = B level/15 mph cruising speed. To evaluate your cruising speed, see the Self-Test Table at right. Excel Mileage Log The Out of Bounds Calendar lists non-NYCC organized rides that take place throughout the year. Our Vice President of Rides maintains this calendar:

Out of Bounds Calendar

NYCC Group Rides

The New York Cycle Club (NYCC) offers friendly group rides every weekend and some weekdays. Favorite destinations include Westchester, Connecticut, Long Island and across the Hudson to Bergen and Rockland counties.

No matter what pace you ride, you will usually find a ride to suit you. A complete listing of up-to-the-minute rides can be found in the Current Rides link (password protected) on the Rides page and a selection is also posted on the homepage of the website.

Club members also receive ride listings (those that have been approved before Sunday evening of the week prior to the ride) via a weekly NYCC news email. New members are automatically subscribed to the list upon joining the Club.

Safety is a priority at NYCC. We therefore do not allow participants in our group rides to use cell phones or to wear any sort of headset, earphones, earbuds, etc., while riding. Riding bicycles with aerobars (whether or not in use) is not permitted. Helmets are required.


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