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To all of my dear friends in NYCC,

I am very appreciative, humbled and, frankly, thrilled to be voted Volunteer of the Year for 2017. In a club of interesting, intelligent and athletic people, which is made great by all of the volunteers who generously donate their time to make it so, this honor means the world to me. As a very active member since 2002, when I joined NYCC, with my dear wife Valli, this club has given me more than I can ever give to it. Although cycling with like-minded passionate cyclists is so much fun, the life-long friendships that I have made, and will continue to make, is what I most treasure.

I also wish to congratulate my fellow honorees at this evening's holiday party. Your contributions to our club are outstanding and worthy of the recognition you received tonight.

Thanks to Bob Gilbert, Special Events Coordinator, and to the volunteers who worked with him, to put on this great holiday party. The food was delicious.

Lastly, I wish to thank Christy Guzzetta, NYCC president, and my fellow board members. Working with you for the benefit of our members is a joy and privilege.

I look forward to seeing you on the roads and, of course, at the next club meeting on January 9th.


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it was well deserved!

BTW thanks for my intro at the last meeting.  First time I was called a "pillar" be anybody!

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