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With the winter upon us, my wife & I are giving thought to signing up for one of these, and I'm curious what other people think of each of these services. From what we've learned, each has their own strengths, i.e. Trainerroad has by FAR, the most specialized training programs to offer; while Zwift offers an immersive, massive, multi-player gaming environment (that is limited to only 3 regions); while BKool offers a similar immersive environment, it has FAR more regions and routes (including Central Park!), although it's not clear to me how large of a user-base it offers.

Has anyone tried any of these, and can offer their thoughts on why they chose one over the other.

On a somewhat related note, has the club ever tried contacting one (or more) of these companies to see if they would be willing to give member discounts for NYCC members? Obviously, they may not be interested, but with such a large club, I wonder if any of them would be open to it.

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Hi Peter -

I used Zwift a bunch last winter/spring, and was on there again today for the first time in a few months. It's definitely much more engaging than riding indoors watching a TV show or movie or bike race. I do most of my indoor stuff on a set of rollers with a resistance unit, which I find much less boring to ride than a trainer, so that also helps. I haven't tried any of Zwift's more focused workouts - although I know a bunch are offered. I have done a couple of their races. Usually I just know if I should be doing an easy ride, or a ride with hard efforts of some variety, and ride accordingly.

I haven't tried Trainer Road, but know a few people who have done those workouts and speak highly of them. 

Don't know anything about BKool.

Good luck!

- Brian

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Trainerroad : if you can

Trainerroad : if you can focus on numbers and enjoy that, go for it. Graphs are pretty good. rides and training plans a plenty.

Zwift : very pretty to look at with new world stuff now and then (they've just added a really nice looking jungle loop)  always other virtual riders from all over the world to ride with (for those can't sleep, 3am things) and chat functions that you can ignore and turn off.  Also has extensive training plans and workouts really no advantage to TR on this one now. 

Both allow custom workouts.

I started with trainerroad years ago, I use Zwift now. YMMV. 

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I've used both a bunch, and

I've used both a bunch, and settled on Trainnerroad. If I'm riding inside, I want to take advantage of it, and have good workouts planned. Trainnerroad just has better workouts, solid plans to follow, and a sleeker & better implimentation (especially if you're using ERG mode). I'd happy to add my own music/TV than sacrifice a bit of the workout to have a pretty bike avatar.

If you're interested in seeing a virtual bike ride, or if you're into doing group rides/races online, then go for Zwift.

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Have a look at FulGaz. 

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