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Hello! Transportation Alternatives and the Eastern Queens Greenway activist group have been working hard to improve the cycling infrastructure in Eastern Queens. 

We would like to invite NYCC members to come out this Sunday, November 12th, at 12 noon for a Celebration Ride & Party for our new protected bike lane on Northern Boulevard in Bayside/Douglaston!  The ride is only 8 miles long, so it's beginner friendly!  We will meet at PEAK Bikes near the Douglaston LIRR station (42-42 235th Street).  The ride is sponsored by PEAK Bikes, the Transportation Alternatives Eastern Queens Committee, Douglaston Village Chamber of Commerce and the Douglaston Local Development Corp.

Recently, DOT installed a bi-directional protected bike lane along an 0.8 mile section of Northern Boulevard between Douglaston Parkway and the Joe Michaels Mile section of the Brooklyn-Queens greenway at 223rd Street.  The intersection of Northern Boulevard and 223rd Street is very dangerous.  Last year, a 78 year old cyclist was killed at 6:30am in this location, just 1 block from the greenway where he cycled every morning.  

The greenway crosses over Northern Boulevard at this location, which is also within close proximity to entrances to the Cross Island Parkway.  The bike lane will hopefully calm the traffic in this area.  Recent reductions of the speed limit to 30 MPH should help as well. 

In addition to the Northern Boulevard bike lane, DOT is currently finishing up a project known as "Alley Edge", whereby bi-directional protected bike lanes are being installed along the Brooklyn-Queens greenway to connect Northern Boulevard to Alley Pond Park.  

We are excited to share the news with the New York area cycling community!  We hope that some of you can make it to the celebratory ride and party on Sunday and that you come out soon to cycle along the greenway through the beautiful parks of Eastern Queens!

Kind Regards,

Barbara Gillespie


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Wonderful news indeed

Here is yet another example of the gains we can all achieve through working with Transportation Alternatives to get safer streets. 

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Excellent direction in eastern Queens

This event showed great progress in Eastern Queens, connecting LIRR Douglaston to Cunningham Park.

A short video of the ride and Northern Boulevard (25A) protected bike lane section is up at


The lane was constructed by converting a three lane sharrows section of westbound 25A to two lanes for cars and 1 lane for a jersey barrier and a two-way bike lane.  A few local car commuters are distraught and there is a risk this safety improvement could be torn out, so speak out in support.  Thanks TransAlt !


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