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According to the Piermont Civic Newsletter, the Community Maket's propects are "dim" It won't be opening anytime soon.

Strictly Bicycle's "Cafe" is being expanded and cyclists may be able to quaff cold beers after a long ride on a hot day next summer on their outdoor patio, according to the owner.

Bunbury's recently raised some or all of its prices recently.  I had their morning bun ($3.75) this morning which was lighter than Runcible's.  The owners, Tim & Vanessa aren't seen there much these days.  The lead barista, "Raff" is a nice guy who seems to be running day to day ops was helpful in posting NYCC's ENY info there.  BTW a photo of Lance Armstrong relaxing in front of the coffee shop is still in the window.

Canzano's deli along the canal entering town, make the best sandwiches but is closed on Sundays. (no tables or rest rooms)






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