I received a duplicate bike from Canyon USA: A short tale of customer service

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I thought I’d share my experience with Canyon’s customer service, and just offer it up if you decide on buying from them.  Hopefully if you do buy you don’t have to do anything that involves dealing with their customer service as I don’t know how that would go in other situations.

As the title says, when I got my “bike in a box” I saw the FedEx guy coming over with 2 full sized boxes.  As he raced away I confusingly brought them into my home.  Both were addressed to me, both were the EXACT same bike, but two different tracking numbers.  Of course thoughts raced through my head and I won’t lie a part of me was like, “free bike?”, but common sense and wanting to cover my ass prevailed so I called.  I didn’t want to foot the bill on 2 bikes at the end of the day.

Customer service was just as dumbfounded when I explained to them the situation. But I told them everything above, and he said no worries, they would schedule FedEx to come pick the box right back up.  I thought great, but schedule the pickup in the afternoon preferably after 5-6 because that’s when I, or someone in my family, will be home from work. 

I go out and buy packing tape since I didn’t have any, print a new shipping label they sent me and wait for an email.  Later I hear back and they say, Fedex will come somewhere between 8am-6pm, but usually later in the day as they have drop offs to take care of.  I thought, we’ll that’s odd, I’d think they would try and accommodate the schedule I gave them especially to pick up a piece of pricey inventory they mistakenly sent me. 

So the next day, there’s snow, and of course FedEx, doesn’t come.  I let Canyon know FedEx didn’t come.  Now this is where I got irritated.  His next suggestion was to look up my address, and then tell me where the closest FedEx location was and to maybe drop it off there if it wasn't too much hassle, as they were open till 9pm on weekdays, that way I wouldn’t have to burden myself with waiting for a FedEx pick up at my home.

WOW ::small rant:: Canyon’s mistake and now they’re asking me to drive it over to a FedEx location myself? Bravo customer support, very “solutions orientated” I see.  So I called the rep and I admit I was pretty heated. I asked to talk to a manager and that’s when he offers any accessories I may need.  I insist on talking to a manager, which in hindsight lead nowhere either.  The manager apologizes while trying to explain that the tier one support guy was just trying to come up with the best solution possible since FedEx wasn’t about to get it that day.

In my mind I don’t think a solution ever is for a customer to solve Canyon’s mistake for them in the first place.  He says they will reschedule with FedEx, and again I say, please tell them to come after 6pm, as I don’t know when anyone will be home because usually they are working. 

A few hours later I write an email back apologizing to the support guy, because I felt bad for beratinghim, and I ask, for the pedals and bottle cage he offered.  I figured why not, this whole thing isn’t my fault and some pedals and cages for the new bike would be a nice consolation prize.

The kicker to all this, my mother was not working the next day due again to the snow.  FedEx comes to pick up the box at 12 pm (roll my eyes), and the customer support guy I took up on the offer of pedals and bottle cages?  Hasn’t responded back to my apology. Guess once they got the bike that was that. 

Oh well.  I’m just writing this to get it off my chest.  It’s over and done with now, but again I thought I’d just share because this whole thing stunk.  I haven’t even ridden the bike I got yet, sigh, it looks nice though lol.

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