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What does anyone use? This looks interesting...and they offer group discounts


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All my jackets/vests already

All my jackets/vests already have reflective strips build in. Same on the heel of my shoes. And,

If I think/know I’ll need to be out after dark, I’ll bring a blinker light, not just a pair of reflective strips. 

Bottom line, it’s best if I don’t have to bring something extra. But if it’s an extra piece I’m taking, I prefer a brighter idea. 



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If I'm riding to/from work

If I'm riding to/from work when it's dark.  I would have some sort of bag on my back. Therefore, this type of setup would not be very usefull. Lights on the bike, additional lights on a helmet or the bag would be the way to go.


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Reflective or retroreflective?

20 years ago, before cheap bright lights were the norm, the issue of reflective fabrics losing their reflectivity was an arguable topic. I was on the wrong side of the argument; I see (haha) that now. Unless you have  * retroreflective *  gear, you're deluding yourself thinking anyone can see you. Why don't you just get a cheap bright light?


ps, shoutout to Richard Rosenthal - if you have something to say about this, post it here. STOP EMAILING ME!

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I asked Evan what the hell he's talking about here. No answer.

I have no idea why Evan mentioned my name here. I don't think he has any idea either, at least none based in reality. 

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I was well marked and still hit

Ironically, when the pedestrian ran into me from between parked cars and knocked me and herself down, I was wearing a rain jacket with reflective stripes, a 1000 lumen headlight and a very bright taillight. Since she was wearing street clothes she would likely not have noticed the reflective strips on my jacket or reflector tape on the bike framek but had she looked for traffic she couldn't have missed the headlight.

I do believe we should do everything reasonably possible to be visible. I use lights in daytime when riding in traffic, figuring it gives drivers a chance to see me from farther away and, I hope, taking steps not to run me down. I didn't count on a pedestrian perp doing it.


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