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I don't know who is behind the NYCC Instagram account - but wanted to pass on kudos for really doing a great job lately. Frequent posts, great captions, and a really fantastic insight into the life of the club! I'm enjoying following along.

Thank you whoever you are!

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And the newsletter

Is also very lively and well designed.


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Thank you guys

I appreciate you noticing! I’m Gil, the club’s new content editor. I began working on the club newsletter and the website over a month ago and on the club’s Instagram account a couple of weeks ago.

Please share pictures and videos with me at It would be great f you can help by encouraging friends and fellow NYCC members to follow our Instagram. The more content people share with me the better I can serve the club and the more people liking the content the more prospective members we can reach. 

Thank you,


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Big compliments, big thanks

Big compliments, big thanks to Gil!


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+1Came across my recommended


Came across my recommended feed last night, looks great!


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Yes! Great work Gil! Thanks!!

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