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I've been riding Looks pedals for about 20 years and aside from the fact that they don't last very long, I haven't had many problems.

I recently installed a pair of gray Look Keo arc cleats that I ordered from one of the big online retailers. I installed them in exactly the same position as the ones they were replacing and I got on the bike. They engaged the usual way but when I got to a red light and tried to get my right foot out of the pedal, I couldn't. I tried the left and it too was locked in. On the verge of panic, I rode to a place where I get a handhold and with just about as much effort as I could supply, I finally got my right foot out. Had I been in the middle of traffic I could have been very seriously injured. To make a long story short, I went to a brick and mortar shop and paid NY ripoff rate ($32) for a pair red arc cleats, and a few days late got a another pair of gray cleats and in both cases everything worked as it should.

I contacted Look twice by email and twice on social media after they didn't answer the emails.

I've probably purchased 30 pairs of their pedals but next time will not be buying Look. If they don't have time for me they clearly don't need my money.

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