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 Registration is now open.   It’s something everyone does once.



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Once? This will be my 15th year of participation as a rider, marshal, or marshal captain.

You ride the FBBT with a certain mind-set. Expect slowdowns, stops, and a long day to go 40 miles. There is no chance for solitude. Instead, think of it as a big party on wheels. Experience the excitement of 32,000 cyclists taking over our city. We are so often marginalized, but for 1 day, New York is ours.

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NYCC friends and family team?

I've signed up. Done it solo 3 times already, and it's cool, but it would be even cooler to do it as part of a NYCC team. Anyone?

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5BBT +1

I’ve signed up, and it will be my first 5BBT.  I will probably ride a conspicuous fatbike. 

I did see the trade show accompanying the tour weekend last year and found it pretty good at offering bike-commuter and day-trip wares.


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