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Hi All,

Last night at the Holiday party – I wanted so much to recognize some special people, people who made 2017 so wonderful for all of us.  But. . . . you all were having such a great time, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.  You’d think by now I’d know it’s impossible to interrupt our Club members’ fun.   If I didn’t know it before, I certainly know it now.   Promise, I’ll never do that again.

In an effort to supplant my clumsy efforts last night, let me tell you a little about the special people who received awards;

Herb Dershowitz; The Most Resilient Member, 2017

Tough year for the Herb!  Ambulance rides, operating table, new body parts - all in 2017.  Nevertheless, by year end, the Man was back on his bike enjoying cycling with his friends.  Herb was – is -  an inspiration to us all.  He was the most Resilient NYCC Member in 2017.

Lynette Chiang; ‘C’ Rider of the Year, 2017

Created a weekend for ‘C’ riders in upstate New York.  Some people thought that wasn’t fair, to exclude ‘A’ and ‘B’ riders.  Me?  I thought that was great – to organize the weekend, transportation, rides, excursions, meals.  Maybe – if we’re all very nice – Lynette will let ‘A’ and ‘B’ riders come along next time.   And the banners Lynette created for ENY – fresh, new, exciting, told the fun story of ENY so well.  And – finally -  so many of us have come to enjoy Lynette’s Yoga experience at club events. 

Alice Kindheart Waltman; ‘B’ Rider of the Year, 2017

Joined the Club about 2 years ago and is already a fan favorite.  Perhaps that’s because she led upwards of 65 rides in 2017; lots and lots and lots of early morning lap rides in Central Park, ride to Oyster Bay, our Newcomers’ Ride, our All Class Club ride, and and and. . . . Or, perhaps it’s because her name tells the story of who Alice is.

Thais Alexander; ‘A’ rider of the Year, 2017

Thais has participated on countless ‘A’ rides, led even more.  She has created Women’s outreach efforts, is one of the strongest, smoothest, most elegant, most graceful cyclists – athletes -  in the Club – anywhere for that matter.  And in 2018, Thais will be a Co-Captain of the A Classic SIG.  She us our ‘A’ rider of the year. 

Eden Weiss; Volunteer of the Year, 2017

Eden represents the Club’s interests on the GW Bridge Bicycle Remediation Committee.  He represents the Club’s interests – all cyclists’ interests – on the Prospect Park Community Board committee.  He organized and provided opportunity or upwards of 70 Club members to ride on Grand Fondo New Jersey.  Was so very helpful getting the word of ENY out to bike shops all over the city.  And of course, Eden fills the room each month with fascinating programs that teach us, entertain us, bring us together, and make us smile at our monthly club meeting.  No one did more for the membership of the Club than Eden Weiss in 2017. 

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A & B channeling C most welcome!


Thank you very much for the C rider award. It a bit of a surprise - I honestly I think other C folk were far more deserving (like actual C ride leaders and C-sig grads!). But I shall dignify the act of giving by receiving

Re the Omi scouting trip: https://nycc.org/message-board/oh-my-artsy-foodie-labor-day-weekend-trip-fields-omi/84181

I’m assuming the comment about “A & B riders being excluded” was totally in jest, but in case not: you’ll note anyone was invited and all three levels were represented, but it was listed as C14-C15 to allow maximum stopping and loitering with intent on my part (once a touring cyclist, always a touring cyclist...). However it turned out to be a B16-17 hammerfest thanks to our motivated ride leader! Apart from running out of steam at mile  48(?)/54 on the third day, it was great! 

Registrations of interest for next year can be placed on that Message Board entry link.

Lynette aka galfromdownunder 




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